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  • Family Member

    "We have found it extremely helpful in locating PCA services for our daughter with multiple disabilities over the past number of years. We now anticipate that it will continue to be helpful as we identify help for our 93-year-old mother."


    “Up until now my only resource was word of mouth or ads in newspapers which was time consuming. In just one week with, I have interviewed four people, two of which I hired. Thank you again. This website is a lifesaver.”

  • PCA User

    "Dearest Rewarding Work,

    For years now, every single PCA I've used, and there have been dozens, has come via I have told hundreds of people about the site, from job-seekers to social workers to other PCA users. It has been a real resource in Massachusetts! Now I have moved to Texas, where I believe there is some type of home care program and I believe I qualify for Medicaid  but there is no rewarding work dot org! Please take me off the email subscription--it's just too painful--and thank you for EVERYTHING!"


    "...the work that you're doing makes my life a lot easier both personally and professionally. I can't tell you how many PCAs I've interviewed (in the past) who have been less than stellar. I think this tool has the potential to be a big help."


    “I found my first PCA using Rewarding Work and she is still employed by me today. I interviewed her while I was still residing in a nursing home. Rewarding Work is a great resource for recruiting and finding PCAs.”

  • Provider Agency

    "We have been getting such great results with the PCA referral directory, thank you for working so hard on it. It is like a dream come true for our homebound consumers -to be able to scroll through applications from their house, and effectively find and manage their own PCAs! Thank you!"


    "Congrats on your revamped website - I hope you're getting lots of good feedback. Speaking of which, I wanted you to know that two of our clients secured home health aide positions because of your website, so thanks so much!"


    “There is no useful alternative to Rewarding Work. Now, when I meet with a person who needs a PCA, we can begin the process right away. Previously, we would prepare a newspaper ad, then place it, and wait for prospects to call. Or, we would post a notice on a church bulletin board. With Rewarding Work we can find prospective candidates immediately. Rewarding Work is an excellent resource. It’s the best thing to come around in a long time!”

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