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Frequently asked questions

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  • What is the Massachusetts Directory of Personal Care Assistants?

    The Massachusetts directory of personal care assistants is a program of the Massachusetts PCA Workforce council. It is a Web-based service at Working with Rewarding Work Resources, Inc., a nonprofit organization, the Massachusetts PCA directory assists Massachusetts elders, residents with disabilities of all ages, their families, and parents of children with disabilities in hiring their own PCA or direct care worker. PCA surrogates may also use the service. By using the Internet or a toll-free telephone number (866-212-WORK (9675), allows PCA users to access a comprehensive database of persons interested in providing personal care services.

  • How much does access to cost?

    Massachusetts residents, who participate in the MassHealth PCA program, are eligible for free access to There is no charge for people receiving PCA services through the MassHealth PCA program. You may access the candidate list for free for as long as you receive MassHealth PCA services.

    If you do not participate in the MassHealth PCA program, you may purchase a subscription to Paid subscriptions cost $10 for 1-month; $25 for 3-months; $50 for a 6-month subscription; and $90 for a full 12 months of service. You may also register for a 24-hour free trial. Free trial subscribers may view information about applicants but cannot contact them.

  • What is the difference between and Rewarding Work?

    The Massachusetts Directory of Personal Care Assistants at has been developed by Rewarding Work Resources, Inc., a nonprofit organization that connects PCAs with elders and people with disabilities. Rewarding Work Resources developed, a web-based program currently operating in five states.

    All registrations, applications, and job listings posted on are also on the Massachusetts PCA Directory.

  • How do I get free access to

    In order to receive free access to the PCA list, you will need verification from MassHealth. This will take only a few seconds and can be done online.

    You will need verification whenever you wish to access the list of PCAs. The list is updated daily.

  • Why would I want this service?

    It allows you, the consumer, to hire the support you need. There are hundreds of PCAs and direct support workers registered with throughout Massachusetts who are looking for work. They have the skills to assist you in living independently. gives you choice and control in hiring PCAs whose experience and background match your needs.

  • How does it work?

    The Massachusetts PCA directory lets you choose from a wide group of potential employees. It assists you by making the search process for PCAs much easier. With a simple click of a mouse, you can find the personal care assistant who best meets your needs. You can find PCAs who live close by and who can work when you need them.

    Once you receive MassHealth verification, you will go to the Applicant search page and enter your zip code. You may choose a list of candidates who live within 10 miles from your home. You may select criteria to narrow the list to find exactly the person who matches your needs.

  • Have PCAs listed on been screened?

    No, PCA candidates listed on the database have NOT been screened in any way and their backgrounds have NOT been checked. It is your responsibility as an employer to check references and backgrounds of people you may hire.

    However, candidates have completed a thorough application, which should provide you with information that allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not you wish to contact them.

    You also should check the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities maintained by the Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The list, established under a Congressional mandate to protect the health and welfare of the nation’s elderly and poor, prevents certain individuals and businesses from participating in Federally-funded health care programs.

    You may also consider conducting a criminal background check on applicants before you hire them.

  • How do I login to

    After you register, you will receive a password by email. The first time you use the password you will be asked to change it. You will need to use your username (email address) and password each time you login. There is a login box on every page of You may login from any page. If you participate in the MassHealth PCA program, you will also need to receive verification from MassHealth each time you wish to access the employee list.

    How does help workers? provides a FREE service for PCAs and Direct Care Workers to find full-time and part-time jobs. Workers may list their information, including certification and experience, on the worker application. Only and RewardingWork subscribers have access to this protected list. To apply, call toll-free 1-866-211-WORK (9675) or click here.

  • I understand that my MassHealth funded PCA’s are part of a union. How much are dues?

    Dues equal 2% of PCA wages before taxes are taken out every pay period. There is also a minimum and maximum dues payment. All PCAs will pay at least $6.50/pay period and PCAs only pay the 2% on their first 40 hours they work each week. Dues are tax deductible and are deducted directly from PCAs’ paychecks during the payroll process.

  • What do dues pay for?

    Dues allow PCAs to continue building the union. There are more than 22,000 PCAs throughout Massachusetts and while PCAs negotiated the first raises, there is still a lot of work to do. PCAs need to build an even stronger network so they can support each other and fight for additional raises and benefits. Dues pay for the costs of bargaining, events for PCAs and consumers to talk to elected officials about wages and benefits, mailings and communications with members. For more information go to

  • How do I get started using Click here.

  • Click here for Tips on using the Mass. PCA Directory.
    Call toll-free 1-866-212-WORK (9675)What if I need help using
  • Who to call when issues arise between employers and workers
  • What if I need help using
    Contact your local PCM agency or
    Email Eparker@Rewardingwork.Org
    Call toll-free 1-866-212-WORK (9675)

    What if I need help using Contact your local PCM agency or Email Call toll-free 1-866-212-WORK (9675)
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