Check Employment References

Tips for Checking Employment References

Checking an applicant’s references is an important part of the hiring process. If you prepare yourself in advance with a list of questions, the process will go smoothly! Be sure to take notes and use the information you gather as part of your decision making process. On average, employers ask an applicant for three references, two of which should be work-related and one which could be a personal reference. 

Sample Questions

  • How long did the job applicant work for you?
  • What were their job duties and responsibilities?
  • What was the age category of the person they cared for (such as, child, teen, adult or senior)?
  • Were you satisfied with the candidate’s job performance?
  • Were they reliable? (Did they arrive on time for scheduled shifts, return phone calls, etc.)
  • Were you informed promptly of any issues that arose?
  • Can you suggest any areas in which could improve?
  • Why did he or she leave the position?

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