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What people say about Rewarding Work

  • “Up until now my only resource was word of mouth or ads in newspapers which was time consuming. In just one week with, I have interviewed four people, two of which I hired. Thank you again. This website is a lifesaver.”
    -Family Member
  • “I found my first PCA using Rewarding Work and she is still employed by me today. I interviewed her while I was still residing in a nursing home. Rewarding Work is a great resource for recruiting and finding PCAs.”
    - PCA User
  • “I very much appreciate your website. It has been a big help. I have hired four PCAs through the site so far: a primary, a back-up, and a travel PCA. I travel for work and one of the things that I like is being able to remotely locate PCAs. A PCA who can travel is always hard to find.”
    - PCA User
  • “There is no useful alternative to Rewarding Work. Now, when I meet with a person who needs a PCA, we can begin the process right away. Previously, we would prepare a newspaper ad, then place it, and wait for prospects to call. Or, we would post a notice on a church bulletin board. With Rewarding Work we can find prospective candidates immediately. Rewarding Work is an excellent resource. It’s the best thing to come around in a long time!”
    - Peer counselor at an Independent Living Center
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