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Your responsibilities

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You have certain responsibilities when employing a provider in your home. You must:

•    Clearly explain the responsibilities of the position through the development of a job description to define expectations of the work to be performed by the provider
•    Check provider references
•    Negotiate an appropriate pay rate based on the needs and services to be provided
•    Clearly state the terms of employment, including what the job pays and the hours/days the provider is needed
•    Pay your provider(s) weekly
•    Establish a back-up plan for when the provider is not available
•    Supervise your provider(s) by giving direction and feedback


Note: Job candidates in the NH ProviderLink database have NOT been screened in any way and their backgrounds have NOT been checked. That is your responsibility as an employer.


If you are not connected to an agency and will be hiring a provider on your own, you are responsible to:

•    Explore your obligations with employing providers in your home.
•    Determine if you would like an Employer of Record to assist you with pre-employment background checks, and managing federal/state and social security payroll taxes and worker’s compensation. There is a fee associated with using an Employer of Record. Click here if you are interested in this service.


If you are working with an agency, you are responsible to:

•    Define the needed services before searching, then find, interview, select, and negotiate with one or more providers to deliver the services needed
•    Communicate with your agency about the provider(s) you wish to hire
•    Work with your agency to determine your funding and how the provider will be paid

Be sure to review Useful Tips when Selecting a Care Provider.

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