Partnering with MA DDS

Self-Directing your Care with MA DDS and Rewarding Work

Rewarding Work partners with the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (MA DDS) to offer our service free of charge to individuals and families who qualify for DDS services. Rewarding Work is especially useful for anyone who is directing their own services through DDS. If you are self-directing through the DDS Participant Directed Program (PDP), for example, you may arrange customized supports based on your individual needs and preferences, hire your own support staff and make other decisions about how to use your PDP funded allocation.

For more information about hiring your own staff using DDS self-directed programs or flexible funding, consult with your DDS area office.

To view sample job postings and to get tips for writing your own, click here and view job descriptions below.

For more information about MA DDS services and for a list of area offices, click below.

DDS Services

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Job Titles and Descriptions for MA DDS Participant Directed Programs

This helpful list of job descriptions (below) can guide you whether you are an employer posting a job on the Job Board or an applicant applying for a position!

Companion: Provision of non-medical care, supervision and socialization. Companionship and support to engage in social activities and community life. Occurs in the home and in the community.

Respite Worker: Provides support and supervision during times when the primary caregiver is absent or needs a planned break. Occurs in the home and in the community.

Individual Home Supports: Support focus’ on increasing independence at home; wellness, and to support community inclusion

Individual Day Supports: Support focus’ on the spectrum of employment supports (work skills, soft skills, travel skills) and/or meaningful daytime connections through volunteering, community engagement

Job Coach: Support at a place of employment

PCA: Personal Care Attendant provides assistance with activities of daily living.Skills Trainer: Assistance to develop, increase and support skill development in activities of daily living including household activities/chores, and development of  independent leisure skills. Includes support in accessing and learning independence in the community ie. store purchases, library use.

Behavior Specialist: Support in self-regulation, developing and following schedules, provides behaviorally based interventions to teach skills and address challenging behaviors.

How Do I Get an Access Code?

  • Email Rewarding Work at:  
  • Or contact your service coordinator or support broker