Respite Provider Screening Questions

The following are sample interview questions to help with screening potential respite providers.  Remember to keep in mind how much time you will have for questions and answers and limit your interview questions accordingly. Discuss rates and payment procedures. (If these are determined by a publicly-funded program, it is important that both the provider and the family have this information.)

1.    Why are you interested in providing respite care services?
2.    Tell us about your education and/or experience as a respite care provider.
3.    Do you have CPR, first aid, and/or medication administration training? Do you have any other special training or experience?
4.    Do you have experience caring for a person with (the particular illness or disability of our family member)?
5.    How would you describe yourself? What are your strengths?
6.    Why did you leave your last position?
7.    What do you like best/least about this work? 
8.    How do you believe difficult behaviors should be managed?
9.    Are you willing to take my loved one out on activities?
10.    Do you have a valid driver’s license?  Do you have your own transportation and car insurance?
11.    Are you willing to have a criminal background check done?
12.    Do you have any health problems or allergies (animals, smoke, etc.) that could affect your ability to do this job?
13.    What would you do if we disagreed about something? How shall we give each other feedback?
14.    If my loved one had to be taken to the hospital for an emergency, what steps would you take?
15.    What would you do if you found a loved one with an open bottle you suspect is poison?


16.    What situations make you tense or nervous?
17.    Describe a difficult situation you’ve had to handle with a child or an adult. How did you handle it?
18.    This position will require that you make independent decisions. Can you give an example of a situation in which you made a job-related independent decision?
19.    Why are you the right person for the job?
20.    Do you smoke?
21.    What hours are you able to work? During the day, weekends, holidays?
22.    Are there specific times when you are unable to work? How much prior notice do you require before scheduling?


Ask these questions only If they pertain to your situation:
23.    Are you willing to use only unscented products? 
24.    Would you be comfortable changing diapers for adolescents or adults? 
25.    How would you know if my loved one likes a particular food or activity if he cannot speak?
26.    Are you comfortable working with pets in the home?