Partnering with CT DDS

Self-Directing your Care with CT DDS and Rewarding Work

Rewarding Work partners with the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (CT DDS) to offer our service free of charge to individuals and families who qualify for DDS services. As a subscriber, you may search Rewarding Work’s online database and/or post your job opening on Rewarding Work’s job board.Rewarding Work is especially useful for anyone who chooses to hire their own supports. 

When you choose to hire your own staff, you are considered the employer of record, and are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, managing and supervising the people you hire. Your case manager or support broker can assist you with this. You are also responsible for conducting background checks for the people you wish to hire. The fiscal intermediary you have chosen can assist you with background checks and employment forms.

For more information, contact your case manager or support broker.

For more information about CT DDS services and for a list of regional offices, click below.

CT DDS Services


How Do I Get an Access Code for a Free Subscription?

  • Contact your service coordinator or support broker
  • Or email Rewarding Work at: